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How to Think Outside the Box with Instagram Story ads

How to Think Outside the Box with Instagram Story ads

Think Outside the Box: Creative Ways to Make it to the Gram

Instagram has made a score of 1B users worldwide, and now one of the largest social media platforms online. It is an ideal platform on which to advertise and sort of items, products and services for your business plus you can endorse it with instagram stories. 

But how powerful really is Instagram? With its 1B users, it has more than 500 million daily users worldwide and its Stories features engages more than 400 million of those users everyday. Also, 80% of these Instagrammers follow a business account.

A number of popular brands, restaurants, and shops use Instagram as their marketing platform. No wonder this is the go-to platform of entrepreneurs. Given there are numbers of shops and other businesses who choose Instagram as their social media platform, entrepreneurs must think outside the box to be able to make it to the Gram and make their businesses grow and convert into sales.

What are Instagram Stories?

Aside from the usual posts we used to know about Instagram, it launches an Instagram Story in 2016. Instagram Stories has developed its assets to have more than just filter, text and drawing options. As of January 2019, with a quick swipe, you can now engage more customers. 

Instagram Stories Ads provide you with a unique and new way to engage with your customers and your target market. IG Stories are 24-hour, self-destructing video and photo streams. Once a user starts watching stories of people they follow, the videos will automatically play one after another. 

How Do You Make the Most out of Instagram Stories?

Since Stories are known for vanishing after 24 hours, it is very crucial to know how to use this and make your post count. Noteworthy posts can incorporate unveiling new items, displaying various parts of your organization culture, sharing in the background inventive processes and that's only just the tip of the iceberg. It is important that you catch your viewers attention immediately, so the first thing that you need to do is use high quality media whether a video or a photo. Aside from video or photos, you can make polls to feel the pulse of your audience.

Those first few seconds: Make it memorable. Photo ads only last 5 seconds and video ads last up to 15 seconds. Users won’t be able to return to them later, so it’s important that they grasp the message of your ad in the first few seconds so they can decide to take action or follow up for more information.

You can also choose to do ads with visual techniques such as split screen, drop, frames, bold typography and the likes.

Instagram is one powerful space where creativity and quality rises to the top, so be wise in your visual approach and experiment with techniques so you will be rewarded by higher levels of engagement.

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